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Lust for Durian

Lust for Durian


21-Apr-2018 (Sat) 2.30pm - 6pm


Class Duration :: 3.5 hrs

Durian Cake and Durian Crepe as many can't resist the King of Fruits! This class uses Mao Shan Wang or D24 durian - most will love this durian species.

If you love a rich durian cake using the real fruit and not the regular durian fudge cake, then this class is definitely for you. Another awesome recipe that will be taught is durian filling wrapped in a thin crepe (aka pancake) - promising to release irresistible aroma from your first bite.

Warning: for durian lovers only; otherwise bring a nose plug along. ;P

What you will learn
  • Learn how to make vanilla sponge cake.
  • Learn to make crepe.
  • Learn to make durian filling.
  • Learn to make whipped cream.
  • Learn to decorate cake.
  • Learn wrap crepe with filling.

Class Format :: hands-on. Also see Q12 in FAQ.

Take Home :: 6" by 5" durian cake and durian crepes. Cake box. Recipes

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